Be Prepared at the Door

With Voters In Mind, you can know about the people you are about to meet. What they believe, groups they belong to, what they've said in the past. Don't be caught unprepared at the door.

Stay Organized

Stay in touch with your supporters. Focus on voters who may support you and ignore the rest. Keep track of people from election to election, and have the information you need at the touch of a button.

Get Out the Vote

On election day, make sure you can focus on the people you've identified as likely supporters and ensure they vote. Ignore those who have already been to the polls. Get a snapshot of how many votes you may get.

Cost Effective

Don't pay high prices for fancy looking software which may be stuffed with complicated features you'll never use. Voters in Mind is a low cost solution to help you get elected.

Who and Why

A brief history

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's national capital, Voters In Mind was created by Bruce Calder, who has worked for over 20 years developing software applications and websites. Bruce ran for public office twice (losing both times unfortunately) and has worked on a number of political campaigns over the years, doing everything from making phone calls and delivering pamphlets, to being part of the strategy and decision making.

Some Features

Voters In Mind Does More

  • Importation of voters lists
  • Track voters from election to election
  • Snapshot showing support levels
  • Produce walking and telephone lists
  • Group voters in unlimited ways

You Need To Track Supporters

And make sure they vote

  • Get Your Account

    Your system can be ready in a day.
  • Import Your Data

    You need to get some people into the system.
  • Start Recording Information

    Take that next step to victory.