Voters In Mind Documentation

Voters in Mind is a web-based application which may help you run for public office and win. Although it has over 70 menu items between the V.I.M. module and the "SODA Administration and Security" module, the entire application can be summarized as follows:
- Import voter data
- Enter information for impoted voters
- Use the reports and contact form to keep in touch with voters
- Enter voter and support probabilities
- Group voters together based on any criteria
- Get out the voter on election day

If you have any questions or suggestions for the system or this documentation, please click a "contact" button or link and let us know. It is hoped that you will find everything you need within these pages, but if not, you may jump to the forum.

The Voters In Mind software is a module developed by Cananoa Inc. and requires the SODA Administration and Security module to be installed as well. Once these modules are installed you should start setting up your system.

Read and follow carefully the "Getting Started" page and make sure you've done everything there. Once completed you can jump around and do whatever you'd like. Voters In Mind is designed to be simple and straightforward. On a day to day basis you'll probably be using only a couple of the options.